Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid

Low-cost Mobile Prepaid Using Tune Talk

So I happen to be looking at mobile data plan Kl, and I wanted something that is economical, has high connection speed and broad, countrywide coverage to allow me to get in touch with my loved ones and close friends anytime,anywhere.





I took a glance at price, quota, speed and stability and deducted that Tune Talk’s Tatata Plans are probably the best all rounder sold in the market, you could possibly prioritise what’s essential to you differently, but let me make my case.Prices are always going to be a concern for anybody, I personally use internet mostly for surfing around, a lot (too much) social media and a bit of streaming every now and then, so I didnt want to spend a bomb, but with Tune Talk’s Tatata Plans, you may get 1GB internet from as little as RM25, that’s SUPER cheap!

Now every provider says they are able to get this speed or that speed, but one thing to remember is the type of internet network offered; as an example, Tune Talk offers 4G LTE network that’s known to be the fastest mobile data network available.

After taking a look at Price and Speed, lets consider the local call rates, I mean really that’s probably the most important element of a great prepaid plan; and this is where Tune Talk kills it with its 10 cents a minute, the rate is awesome!If the local call rates don’t impress you much, wait for it, as their super-low IDD (International Direct Dialing) call rates will take your breath away; it certainly did in my opinion, I can call my family back in Sydney from only RM0.79 per minute.If you’re a frequent traveller yourself, you could go on an unlimited daily data roaming at RM38 per day in 9 countries in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.


So the above is simply my opinion and experiences, so don’t take my word for it, go and look for a few other blogs and reviews and find out what they have to say.